On June 5th, a tribe of dedicated and passionate riders took time out of their busy schedules at the WSSC Conference to join Spinning Nation® Miami. This epic four-hour marathon ride raised money to support American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease.


How did they ride for four hours?

In each of the four hours, a different MI from around the world led participants through a heart-pounding, emotional and inspiring journey. Volunteers kept riders going strong throughout the marathon ride by offering cold water, treats and encouraging words. Nearly half of the riders stayed on their bikes for the duration of the four-hour ride, with each participant raising at least $250 in support of the American Heart Association.

Together, they generated over $2,500 to fighting heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death in the U.S.

To the riders who joined us for this awesome event, your support and dedication for this important cause does not go unnoticed! Thank for being part of a movement to improve and save lives all around the world.


Hear what riders had to say about Spinning Nation® Miami

“It was an honor and pleasure to have participated in Spinning Nation, a way to show gratitude to my father who survived his heart disease and also to ride for those who will benefit from the funds raised for the American Heart Association for research, care and treatment.”  — Lisa Adelle-Jondeau

“[Our Team] feels it is important to educate and sensitize people to be aware of the effects that their lifestyles play on their health…We wanted to be a part of our global Spinning® family in riding to make a difference.” — Joanne Adams, Team Pedal & Wheel

“Riding for four hours is not nearly as hard as living with heart disease… Giving up didn’t cross my mind…The heart must keep beating. I will remember this forever…” — Lea Mackett

“I would like [my ride] to help as many people as possible to engage and persevere in a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good eating habits.” — Paulette Anderson

“When it was over, the adrenalin was in all of us – elation, pride, and an enormous feeling of self-worth and gratitude. I am still flying high about what I did. I am proud of all of us who were there and the instructors who gave up their evening to inspire us.” — J. O’Connor


Getting heart healthy with Spinning®

“My most convicting reason for Spinning® is for myself. Six years ago, my doctor told me that my blood pressure was too high. Given the history of most of the men in my family, including my father, my uncle and both my grandfathers, I would have to take medication if I didn’t make some serious changes in my lifestyle. Heart disease was in my future. There was no dodging it. However, I have been able to control my blood pressure and keep my heart healthy with Spinning. My weight has dropped, and I live and more active and healthy lifestyle. I have yet to take one pill for heart disease. I have Spinning to thank for that.” — Barry Hughes


Life is Why™, Spinning® is How

Every donation brings us one step closer to ending heart disease. Ride with heart and support the cause that will improve and save lives!

If you are a dedicated rider and feel empowered to join the cause to end heart disease, you don’t have to wait for next year’s Spinning Nation. You can donate today!

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