Every year, Spinning® hosts dozens of marathon rides, charity rides and special events all over the world. These events are typically put on by a Master Instructor or passionate group of riders for a good cause or just to have fun while boosting their fitness. But to date, there hasn’t been a collaboration quite like the one that put together Spinning® Escape Jamaica (SEJA). This one-of-a-kind weekend-long fitness event was created, managed and organized by four passionate, fun-loving women – with three of them calling the gorgeous island of Jamaica home.

We spoke to each of these four amazing women to learn more about this incredible event and how they found anything was possible through a shared dream and passion.

Jodi Mair:

In my role as a Spinning® Master Instructor and the Training Coordinator for Jamaica and the Caribbean, I was brainstorming a couple years ago about ways to take Spinning® in this region to the next level. That’s how the concept of a Reverse Spinning® Triathlon was born. I shared this idea with a couple of my Spinning® Soul Sistas like Natashia Iacovelli. They loved it and offered to assist in whatever way they could. Natashia was so enthusiastic that she insisted we make it happen, some way somehow! It is incredible to think about where we started with this little idea, but I have always believed in sharing your dreams with others who believe in you, so that you become inspired and accountable for making them reality.

Natalie Murray:

Jodi and I started talking about our respective ideas for an event in Jamaica and that was the genesis of our dream. The natural progression of our team extending to Natashia and Lisa created a powerhouse of experience between the four of us and an energy and commitment that was perfect for this monumental task. I just can’t wait to deliver three of the most energizing things in my life at SEJA: fun, sun and fitness!

Lisa Adelle-Jondeau:

Jodi told us of her idea about two years ago soon after a WSSC. We didn’t even have name at the time, just that it would be the Spinning® Reverse Triathlon. Then, before we knew it, we had a full weekend of sessions and activities. We are united by our love and passion for the Spinning® program and for Negril, Jamaica, and we just want to share that love and passion with our Spinning® family and tribe.

Natashia Iacovelli:

The girls and I come from finance, travel, hospitality and event management backgrounds, so we felt like between us we had skills to contribute and our bases covered. Naturally, the original idea of Jodi’s for the Reverse Spinning® Triathlon snowballed pretty quickly once we got talking. We figured if we were going to get people to Jamaica and share what Spinning® was, then we wanted to create something that was more than a ride and more than just Spinning®. We wanted to be able to fuse together the vacation of a lifetime with the people and fitness opportunities you may not get a chance to see. Thus the fitness escape – cramming all the things we loved into one incredible experience.

Spinning® Escape Jamaica takes place from November 4–6 in Negril, Jamaica. Check out all the information regarding the sessions, packages and travel offers at


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