Adding fitness equipment for your home can be very valuable in the long run. Not only do you save time and money heading back and forth between the gym, but you can achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of home!  If you’re unsure what fitness equipment you can afford or fit into your home, we want to show you what must haves you need from an indoor cycling bike.

  1. Fit your body — Before any Spinning class, it is always best to arrive early and set up your bike. Our home bikes offer many of the same adjustments you will find on the bikes at your local studio. You can also add your favorite accessories, like a padded saddle, for an even better ride.
  2. Change the scenery — Even if you’re riding in your living room or basement, you can enjoy a tour of Ireland or a thrilling ride through the Rockies. All Spinner home bikes come with four Spinning DVDs that bring the class experience home. You can also select your favorite heart-pumping Spotify playlist and feel transported anywhere.
  3. Calorie Burn —The average Spinning class burns an average of 500 calories. An hour on the treadmill or  elliptical doesn’t even come close to that. With the right nutrition and a Spinner bike at home, achieving your weight loss goals have never been easier.
  4. No excuse on a rainy day — Your bike is always ready for you at home. Even on the grey, overcast days where you want to stay inside and binge–watch your favorite TV show, you have no excuse not to hop on that bike and reach the best shape of your life.
  5. Great legs, abs and booty — Riding a Spinner bike utilizes the largest muscle groups in your lower body. You’ll see a lifted booty and toned legs in no time!
  6. Improving your heart health — You may not notice the biggest bonus of owning a home bike until your next doctor’s appointment. Your endurance and cardiovascular training will improve if you follow a consistent schedule and periodized model of training. More improvements that follow are better lung capacity and reduced anxiety.
  7. Train for the outdoor ride — now that you’ve trained from the safety of your home all winter, don’t hesitate to take your workout outdoors and see how road cycling matches up. While you’ll have to make adjustments to coasting downhill and riding on different terrain, the moment when you find you’re not out of breath or lagging behind the group, you’ll be thankful you have a Spinner bike in your house.

It’s not too late to catch up on those New Year’s resolutions. Get your home Spinner bike today and you’ll be saving money while shedding weight!

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